Wednesday, March 28, 2007

An update

Tonight I met with the Stake President and submitted my mission papers. That means that pretty soon I'll be off serving the Lord for two years. Which also means this blog won't have much going on for two years. But, before I go, I hope to transcribe what I have of my great great great great grandfather Reuben McBride's journals. that is, provided they aren't online already. Wouldn't want to waste time redoing work that has already done. Anyhow, the two journals I have are his 1834 journal from Zion's Camp (notable for its mention of Zelph, the white Lamanite) and a journal from a later mission to England. It'll probably be at least a week before I have a chance to transcribe them, however. I have several papers I need to work on (and should be working on even as I type this).

Goodbye for now.

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