Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mission calls and miscellany

Today (Yesterday, actually. That's the mistake I make when I stay up past midnight) I received my mission call. I will be serving in the Czech Prague mission, speaking the Czech language. My mission covers both the Czech Republic and Slovakia. I ship out to the MTC on the 18th of July, and I very much look foward to it. And that's about all I can think to say about that.

Now, onto the miscellany!

I will be adding several links to my blog, pages of particular note. The first is, a search engine created using Google co-op. It only searches a list of handpicked websites that are only pro-LDS. Translation: no anti-Mormon garbage to wade through. We currently have about 150 pages on the list of things to be searched, and we are adding more and more as we go. If you would like to help, do so through the "Volunteer to Contribute" link on the main search page.

The second is, a web-site run by my Hebrew professor. It includes all kinds of resources and links for those interested in ancient near eastern languages, and has the occasional tidbit directly relating to Mormonism.

Those are the only links I'll add for now, but when I add any new ones I will give a description, unless they are rather self-explanitory.

The last item of business: I am still working on transcribing my great-great-great-great grandfather Reuben McBride's 1834 Zion's Camp journal. I'm working off of a copy from a microfilm, so it has been somewhat difficult. Even when I finish it, it will be somewhat incomplete due to a portion that has been cut off due to a breaking and mending of the microfilm. Perhaps someday I'll head up to the archives in Salt Lake and see an original copy.

That's all for now. Good night.

-William McBride

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Ben said...

Congrats! My brother Tal S. is awaiting his call as well.